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PostSubject: Xhoman Ggomaro   Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:41 pm

Name: Xhoman Ggomaro (Jow-man Joe-mah-row)

Nickname: Momo

Alias: Gekko Spade

Age: 15

Height: 5'6"

Race: Cirrus

D.O.B: January 17th

Sign: Capricorn

Generation: 9th Generation

Xhilica Ggomaro(25) - Mother, Deceased.

Occupation: N/A

Partner: N/A

Personality: Serious is the best word used to describe Momo. While he may not be serious at all times, he has a vibe of seriousness that usually deters those who are uncaring or are too energetic. He's a natural deterrent to those who are considered the energetic ones in groups, which means most of the "fun" is usually left out of his life. Labelled as a "stick in the mud," he's the place where fun goes to die. He's a walking cemetery with how many times he's killed the fun. But then again, with his usual way of communicating, who wouldn't be deterred?

At most times, Momo isn't much of a talker. In fact, he prefers to stay silent in order to further complicate things for people. Instead of speaking, he communicates through subtle gestures in order to get the point across. If he's forced to talk, then he'll do it. Otherwise, he doesn't really bother with it. He has a tendency for conserving his energy a lot and can almost seem to be in some sort of vegetative or "zombified" state when left alone. When not busying himself with something, most would probably think of him as some sort of living statue.

However, Momo isn't one to sugarcoat things. In fact, at times, he's painfully honest about things. If someone's being an idiot, he won't hesitate for even a second. He'll straight up slap them upside the head and call them out on their stupidity. When Momo does speak, he speaks with a sense of rhythmic formality that it can usually pull people in. In other words, people pay attention to him, whether they want to or not. Even though he has a soft and almost feminine voice, people take in each of his words. With the sense of sophistication he speaks with, it shows that he's a rather intelligent and mature individual, given his age. That is, only when in the presence of people he doesn't know on a personal level.

When in the presence of his partner, that song and dance changes drastically. Going from a soft classical tune, it changes into an energetic rhapsody of emotion. Speaking of music, Momo has a love for music. Sad thing is, he loves it a bit too much. Sometimes, he'll find himself dancing like a complete moron in front of others. While he usually does this at home in his monochromatic panda boxers, he gets beyond embarrassed if someone watches him dance. If Momo were anymore emotional, he might actually be out buying dresses with girls. In other words, not only does he have a whole sense of femininity with his appearance and voice, but he's more in touch with his feminine side than most men.

In public, he may act like a stone cold wall of seriousness that's phased by nothing, he's an emotional storm when alone or with people he knows on a personal level. Momo is quick to embarrassment, loves cooking, and finds himself cleaning more than he initially intends to. If one were to actually catch him embarrassed or doing something he usually does, he would be more than just a bit worried. After all, someone could ruin his public appearance with this sort of information. Momo usually finds himself being wrapped up in small talk with people and is known well for his ability in collecting coupons. Above all, Momo is a bit more childish than anything.

While he can be serious at times and even have a few decent moments, he's more like a full blown storm. One that gets embarrassed too easily through things that he usually does or says and has a habit of being a bit too childish at times. If one were to call him a fool, it'd be like hitting a nail on the head with a hammer. They'd be dead on about that point, especially since he has a bit of a habit of spouting off wise words or philosophy to others. Philosophies that he doesn't follow himself. While he calls others out on their idiocy, he's the one that needs to be called out on it the most.

Even though he usually acts serious in public, there is a more dangerous side to Momo that most people don't know about. Usually because of the fact that those who do end up finding out end up being killed moments after. Underneath all of his femininity and his synthetic seriousness, Momo has an uncontrollable thirst for blood and destruction. This lust of his is hidden underneath a command seal that can only be opened by the person he forms a contract with. Once the seal is open, he becomes a blood thirsty beast that will bring about wholesale destruction to even cities if ordered to.

Because of the sense of loyalty that Momo has within him, he cannot disobey the orders of the one he forms a contract with. Otherwise he would be betraying that individual in his eyes. Of course, because of that known fact about Momo and his kind, he cannot hurt the one in which he forms a contract with. However, it's free game for those who don't have a contract with him. Which in this case, would be every one in the world. Since he only forms a contract with one person. Unless the order is given, that berserker animal always remains hidden deep within Momo. Just waiting for the day it gets to run free again.

Human Appearance: Momo is an individual who knows how to stick out in a crowd. He can easily be spotted due to his specific choice of clothing, which makes it rather easy for people to remember him. Physically, the only things that stand out about him are his hair, eyes, and a single tattoo on his back. Clothing wise, given their nature, it makes it rather easy to pull him out of a crowd due to a couple of his accessories. Otherwise, his clothes themselves aren't too peculiar. Their nature is a bit peculiar, but that's about it.

Starting with his physical appearance, Momo would look seem like any other normal fifteen year old boy. Skinny with a faint trace of muscles, Momo's peach colored skin doesn't really stand out. Having a slight athletic build, it's clear that Momo is capable of taking care of himself. On his back, there is a rather large tattoo. This tattoo is one of a Panda Bear sitting in a clearing with bamboo around it. The Panda in the tattoo is staring off into space as it holds a piece of bamboo in between its large paws. With a piece broken off the top of said piece of bamboo, it's clear that the Panda is eating.

Other than that, there are no distinct flaws in his skin. Well, except for a lone scar that's on the back of his forearm. Clearly from some sort of bladed object, but not self inflicted due to how jagged the scar was. The scar was four inches in length and an inch and a half in width. It ran vertically down his forearm. Given the way its healed shows that its been around for quite some time. As for Momo's facial features, they're relatively soft in comparison to most males. In fact, Momo has a bit of a feminine face towards him. Momo's soft skin, slightly small nose, and long eye lashes tend to leave a sense of femininity to him. If it weren't for how he dressed, most would think of him as a girl. Especially with his long hair and soft and lyrical voice.
Momo's cyan blue hair reaches three inches passed his shoulders. Usually brushed back, Momo occasionally lets his bangs drape over his face in order to conceal his eyes. In most cases, people would freak out if they saw Momo's eyes. However, they have a mysterious sense of beauty towards them that brings about awe instead of fear. Momo's entire eye is just like his hair, cyan blue in color. His hues on the other hand, they're a brilliant gold color. A gold that shimmers through the two pools of cyan that are his eyes. Most times, Momo has a relatively bored look strewn across his features. When Momo actually smiles, it has a sense of melancholy that only brings a more enigmatic sense to him.

Then again, most people rarely ever actually get to see his face. You see, this is where the peculiar accessory takes a role in Momo's enigmatic aura. Just like in his animal form, he wears a Panda mask over his face. The mask itself has a rather innocent looking Panda on it. It doesn't matter where he goes, he always wears this mask out in public. Some times he'll even wear it at home if he forgets to take it off. As for the rest of Momo's attire, he has a rather formal or "dapper" sense of taste. Except for the fact that his attire is a sea of monochrome. Each and every article of his clothing can be reversed in order to show a different side. Of course, each side is either black or white.

Working our way down from the top, Momo usually wears a reversable top hat. Of course, as said, one side is white whilst the other is black. Usually Momo has the white side of the hat showing, since he usually dresses all in white. Near the rim of this top hat, a band runs around the extended part of the hat. While this band is white in color, spades of two different colors are part of the band's design. The two colors of the spades on this side of the hat are a resilient gold and cyan blue, just like his eyes. In a pattern of gold, blue, gold, they run around the entirety of the band.

On the reverse side, it's the same story. Except for the fact that the colors are also different on this side. Having a bit more of a Christmas theme towards it, the spades run in a green, red, and green pattern. From there, one could only consider the rest of his attire to be similar to that of a butler. On his torso, he wears a reversable long sleeve button up shirt. Just like his hat, one side is black whilst the other is white. Of course, this pattern runs for all of his attire. Usually, he wears this shirt with the white side facing up. Over top of that, Momo wears an armless vest. When the white side of his shirt is facing up, he always wears the black side of the vest up.

Needless to say, one could say that he looks like a butler, a waiter, or even a bartender. If the black side of his shirt is facing up, he wears the white side of the vest up instead. On each of his hands, a pair of gloves keeps them concealed from the world. Of course, they're reversable as well. While Momo has a preference of wearing that sleeveless vest, he will sometimes carry around a relatively formal jacket that is usually part of a tuxedo. This jacket is reversable as well, but there is also something noticeably different about it. There is a chest pocket on the left side of this jacket. On the pocket itself, his initials are sewn into it. On the white side, "GS" is sewn in gold. On the black side, it's in red.

To follow this dress code of his, he wears a pair of reversable dress pants. Of course, they're accompanied by a pair of onyx black loafers. Just to make himself seem all the more dapper, he'll occasionally wear a clip on bow-tie as well. Of course, he has one in both black and white. He always has them on him in case he needs to do a flip with his clothing. Needless to say, Momo is rather organized with himself. Also, Momo does have a matching pair of golden rings. These rings have visible cyan blue Geckos on them. He doesn't usually wear them, but when he does, he wears them on each of his middle fingers. Given his very particular choice in clothing, it should be clear as to why he tends to stick out in a crowd. He even wears this attire if he even bothers going to school.

Animal Appearance: In any place other than its natural habitat and a zoo, Momo's animal form would do more than just stand out in public. As to why that is, it's rather quite obvious really. Momo's animal form is a Panda. That's right, Momo can freely transform between his human form and that of a Panda Bear. Well, instead of a full sized bear, he transforms into a bear cub. In height, he only reaches three feet in height and is absolutely fluffed up beyond belief. In other words, Momo is nothing more than a monochromatic ball of fluff in this form.

Given Momo's age, most would suspect him to be bigger than that in animal form. The thing about that is that he can freely change between his size, weight, and even appearance with his animal form. Of course, all his forms revolve around that and a living Panda, but that's about it. Normally, he would be a full grown Panda in size, but he prefers to be a Panda cub. It keeps people from panicking too much when they see him in such a form. Although, there are times when he takes a smaller form than that. At times, he'll take the form of a six inch Panda that almost looks like a plushie.

He can take on this form to blend in even more, this way people won't freak out about seeing him. With pointed arms and legs, he can't really walk around. While he is very much alive and is capable of even speaking in his animal form, he takes on this particular form in order to blend in as an actual plushie. Thus, he can be taken to much more public places. For example, if he were to go to school with someone, he could take on this form and simply sit in their bag. Granted, the bag would need to be held open so he could get his fill of sunlight, but the whole oxygen deal isn't something he's worried about.

But, there is something that most people do find odd about him. Outside of this plush-like form, Momo wears the very same Panda mask in his animal form as well. No one knows why, but he'll walk around as a cub or a full grown Panda with that mask sitting over top of his eyes or on top of his head. Some people find it odd, but no one really questions it. In fact, because of this specific transformation of his, he can sometimes duck into a zoo and hide right in plain sight. It's handy at times, but also a major thorn in his side. All because of what said animal is.
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